Realise The Full Potential

of interactive PDF attachments or downloads

PDFs are widely recognised as a standard and popular document file format, but the true versatility and creative potential of PDFs – especially when it comes to producing customised PDFs at scale - are less well known.

Today it is entirely possible to take PDF documents to new levels of functionality securely with embedded rich-media elements that create personalised, helpful and memorable experiences.

Embed or Hyperlink
Personalised Videos

Add rich media experiences to electronic documents

Personalise Text
Fields and Images

Change the content to optimise the document for different customers

Sound Clips

Bring personalised words to life in animated forms

Add Bookmarks &
Cross-Reference Tools

Help customers navigate longer documents and jump pages

Create Regulation-Compliant
Application Forms and Legal Documents

In many industries, especially banking, finance and insurance, customers are required to sign documents containing personalised information as part of a legally binding process, record or contract. These forms then need to be returned, often electronically. iLiveIt generates PDFs that reduces the file size of these forms and makes them easier than ever to complete, sign and return them electronically.

Automatically Pre-Fill
Information Fields

Save your customer time and hassle by pre-filling key fields automatically (e.g., name/contact info)

Compliant Electronic
Signature Fields

Easier and faster than printing, signing by hand and scanning

Electronic Information
Field Completion

Easier and faster than printing, completing by hand and then scanning

Email Send-Back

Auto-launch Email send-back from button near signature in PDF

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Hyper-Personalised Interactive PDFs

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